The Bandon Approach

Our mission is to be THE
expert vertical SaaS investors.

We are the good guys – honest, aligned and focused on partnership and mutual success. We partner with founders and management teams of high growth companies in our key verticals to provide growth capital and strategic guidance with the objectives of significantly increasing enterprise value.

Governance | Risk | Compliance

Increased public scrutiny, exacerbated by social media, has led
to greater exposure and accountability for corporations. This has
driven companies to invest in robust ERM platforms. Bandon has
significant deal experience giving us a unique understanding of
the intersection and importance of risk management, content,
and data for a successful ERM platform.

Built Environment | Real Estate Software

A fragmented and greenfield industry creates an
opportunity for next-gen tech companies to attack a
market that has under invested in technology. We have
done deals touching all aspects of Real Estate, providing us
with unique insight to a complex ecosystems of investors,
property managers, tenants, and prospective clients

Healthcare Software

Increasing cost to patients, hospitals and insurance companies
have driven companies to adopt technology in order optimize
operations in order to drive down cost to consumers.

GovTech | ed tech | Non-Profit

Budget deficits and squeezed funding are creating
demand for increased cloud tech adoption in Gov-Tech and
Education. As many as 1.1 billion hours spent on mundane
tasks could be automated saving up to $37 billion annually.

Energy | Industrials | Transportation

Recent trends in the growing age gap, aging assets, and
the “profit squeeze” have pushed energy producers to
adopt technology to drive efficiency in order to survive
and compete. This combined with rising oil prices have
accelerated investment into this fragmented industry.

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